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You throw your life away

You're slowly becoming what I used to be, a stupid inmature little prick. You'd freak at me for the stupid things I'd do or want to do and now you're getting into them yourself. I don't care if nobdy else gives a crap with what you do in your life, I care and that should matter because it USED to matter to me what you thought, but I guess everything you said was a bunch of bullshit.
You're not making my life any easier right now, you know what's going on and you think out of all people telling me what you did today was a good idea? I don't think so you know my stance on those things and you know I hate talking to people who are envolved with them.
Way to go, you're doing a great job, when you don't get into school and your wasteing all your money on things which aren't doing you anygood, let me be the first to say I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!.
Have fun screwing up your life, I won't follow in your footsteps, but it seems you're following in my old footsteps.
I won't be around to see how much trouble you'll be in soon.
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