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Tyesday is it

So on Tuesday I am off to Calgary for the rest of my life, and I am horribley nervous. I have so much planned for myself, and plans with people and I'm not too sure how well it's going to work. I'm worried about getting back there and not being able to stick with my Goals. 
I know I can stick with them, but I dunno'
I'm excited too I guess, I get to see Jackie and Tim. I'm house sitting Tims appartment for him, I'm going to be able to See Tyler, Alex, Craig, Catlyn, Andy, Jayme, Taylor Mini and loads of other people. Going to have to get myself a little crew started haha not really.
anyways, I guess this is really a goodbye type thing to all the people in nova scotia that I love.
I hope that you guys really know how much I love you. I will miss you and none of you better forget about me because I know I won't forget about you(L) 
Love you always.
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