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aihriusg <3

I have this funny feeling in my tummy. err not funny
well I have butterflies.
I think he's a sweetheart, but I'm getting attached WAY WAY WAY too fast, as if this was something that will end up to being what I want it to be. But I scare people and I'm not sure if it's going to happen.
oh jealousy I hate you more than anything. well not more than anything but a lot. I think I might go
a little insane for the next 48days.
I have to go to the hospital today and I wish someone..TT ....could be here with me just to comfort me.
He seems so nice, and it makes me smile. 
he's going to cook me breakfast and I'm going to cook him supper
he even said he'd get me roses the first day we met.
that's super cute times about 50 because I love  them
anyways I gotta go.

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