.Beauty. (xjessicaxxlynnx) wrote,

thanks, that was awesome.

So today Chris left me.
After all that was said and talked about, and all that had happened in order for me to be with him. Hurting Logan, and having to hurt from logan, he left me.
It was the worst thing to wake up to, and to start my day off to.
I don't understand if everything he was was true, why he wouldn't want someone to helphim with it, rather than dump them because they can't handle a girlfriend.
Like I ma much trouble, I'm all across the country and i don't go out with a shitload of guys and flirt and blah blah blah.
Words can't explain what I feel right now for some reason I just wanted to cry all morning but I had to go to school.
awesome, school just helps too.
why didn't you say anything last night.
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